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Commissioned Works

The Conscious Her

Inside The Pocket


A short play inspired by Hrotsvitha’s Calimachus. The story of a character named Her on a quest to find true connection to the Great Spirit, exploring different people, religions and ways of life, ultimately meeting Herself. Commissioned by Project Y Theatre, the play was presented as part of the Women in Theater Festival-The Hrotsvitha Project 2019.

A short play that tracks the comedy that ensures as Munirah, an East African mother tries to help her son get ready for his first baseball game. Inspired by true events. Commissioned by Mile Square Theatre, the play premiered in the theater’s 2019 7th Inning Stretch production.

A short satire play exploring extreme “woke” white culture through the eyes of Nadia, a successful psychologist appearing on a talk show to promote her book. Created as a part of a collaboration with The Playwriting Collective and NY Madness, the play was featured in NY Madness’ Class Madness 2019 event.

Love In Submission

A short film following two Muslim women from different backgrounds, who meet for the first time when their worlds collide through a mutual third party. The film was adapted from the play of the same name by Antu Yacob. Written by Munirah Bishop & Antu Yacob, the short is directed by Lande Yoosuf. In addition to numerous festivals, it screened nationally in 60 virtual indie cinemas through the Full Spectrum Features 2021 collection Our Right to Gaze.

In The Gray

Sometimes quirky, sometimes elegant, sometimes hot, sometimes lukewarm, Antu has always had trouble fitting into a box. Her solo show shares a funny and raw perspective on her experiences as an Oromo Ethiopian U.S. raised woman, actor, daughter, mother and survivor. The show was featured in the 2019 Symposium on African Global Migration. Its world premiere in the 2017 United Solo Theatre Festival was directed by Celestine Rae and sponsored in part by TADIAS magazine.

Mourning Sun

Mourning Sun is an “epic cross cultural love story that gives a unique immigrant experience tackling taboo subjects.” With a first act set in Ethiopia and the second in New York, this play follows main characters Biftu and Abdi as they navigate young love with the mental, emotional and spiritual effects of irreversible fistula.

Praise for Mourning Sun:

“Everything about the production is top shelf. The play is beautifully written by Antu Yacob and will crack your heart open.”

Jessica Greer Morris, Co-founder of Girl Be Heard