Knowing IT

Some Post Meditation Inspiration:


Knowing IT


That moment I went before IT

and I confessed. Head down, body limp, the words fell out of my mouth as easy as the air leaving my lungs

“I am a failure.”

And so quietly IT responded

“You are not a failure child. You are a Learner. So go learn.”

And I sat there gliding through the invisible. Tears running. Knowing the Grace of IT. The bounty of ITS compassion. Feeling the universe of ITS gentle smile through my pores.

How long had it been since I had seen ITS face? How long will it be before I am once again under ITS arm flying through space, witnessing all the magic IT spreads?

I thanked IT for being Here. For being with me all while I had forgotten IT. Forgotten myself.

IT said

“You have already asked me for the those things. They will be given to you. Now go. Keep Learning.”


-Copyright 2016 Antu Yacob