BK Blue Chocolates


After ten years off poetry, I found myself glued to the computer late one night sniffing the shit all over again. Here’s one of my new pieces. Tell me…can you relate?

BK Blue Chocolates


The blue chocolate symphony go from Nostrand through Fort Greene down Flatbush

Lathering smooth and sweet purple there

In his pant she deliriously recalls

Beneath tongue and above words

The nectar of his locks smoldering through her pores.

That sex magic

Its hard rhythm give her

Ferocious warm marble ooooooooos…

He only eats thick woman candy cat

His sinewy brown bronze dark cacao arms and legs swirling her essence

Splitting the difference between Janna and Erets.

His Nigerian nose with his Swazi thrust and Etiopian smile is almost too much…

It is quraybat, baklava and medjools coming down

Blue chocolate symphony…your love is like zanjabiil.

And about being broken


Here is Cake.


-Copyright 2016 Antu Yacob




*Janna=Arabic word for Bliss/Paradise/Heaven

*Erets=Hebrew word for Earth

*quraybat=hard doughy Oromos cookies

*baklava=Middle Eastern almond pastry desert

*medjools=a brand of dried dates

*zanjabiil=Oromo word for ginger