Hey, Everybody! Did you know that I am the first Ethiopian American to have a show at the United Solo Theatre Festival? Hard to believe in 2017 but it’s true. While some folks might think that this is sad or a testament to the lack of diversity on the (U.S.) American stage, (you are not wrong in this), I also think that this a point of CELEBRATION!
My one-woman show IN THE GRAY is about my experiences as an Ethiopian-American artist/woman/daughter/mother, exploring what it means to be an outsider from deep within.
IN THE GRAY in the United Solo Festival is set for Sunday, September 2017 2 PM in the Studio Theatre-Theatre Row, 410 West 42nd Street, New York, NY.
Now you might think oh wow, that’s great! September? I’ve got plenty of time to get my tickets. But NO. Actually, the way it works in the Festival is that I have to SELL OUT the first date they give me in order to get MORE dates in the Festival. And when I sell out the house, the additional dates are conditional on the theater space availability because the other shows in the Festival are trying to sell out too!
So come on! We’re making HERSTORY here, so make it with us! Get your tickets TODAY for IN THE GRAY: ¬†
See you there!