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“Antu radiates on stage.  She is smart, intuitive, sensitive and has a strong presence. In performance she can capture the very heart of a character, so that you feel you are seeing someone truly alive and present in the moment.”-Michole Biancosino, Artistic Director, Project Y Theatre

“…Yabdri is well supported by the great performances of Yacob and Grosch who play scorned women who can still forgive…and be sincere…”- by Tamar Neumann, Aisle Say Twin Cities | PILGRIMS MUSA AND SHERI IN THE NEW WORLD


“Antu’s subtlety and ability to connect to the core of MARIAH was beautiful to watch. I loved watching her take my notes and transform them into powerful moments with ease.”  -Elegance G. Bratton, Writer/Director | WALKING IN CIRCLES