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Love In Submission

A short film following two Muslim women from different backgrounds, who meet for the first time when their worlds collide through a mutual third party. Written by Munirah Bishop and Antu Yacob and directed by Lande Yoosuf, the film stars Kianné Muschett and Antu Yacob. In addition to numerous festivals, it screened nationally in 60 online cinemas through the Full Spectrum Features 2021 collection Our Right to Gaze.

Film Festivals


Conjure is a short film about an internet famous musician who is offered a deal on the contingency that his music is infused with subliminal messages. Written/directed by Adrian Luke Sinclair, and starring the late phenomenally talented Sidiki Fofana, the film is the Winner of the Vanguard Award in the 2017 Hip Hop Film Festival. It has screened at a variety of festivals in the US and abroad.


For more info visit: Conjure (2015) – IMDb

All Hands On Deck

Conceived by Project Y Theatre Associate Producer Antu Yacob, this series (developed during the pandemic) shared new works by 4 female playwrights of the African Diaspora: France-Luce Benson, Nikkole Salter, Banna Desta and Sienna Jones. Weaving in original music, the event explored different perspectives of the Black experience in the U.S., theater as ritual and activism in our times.

For more info visit: All Hands On Deck | Project Y Theatre

Gurracha Girl Studios

Gurracha Girl Studios is a new company founded by Antu Yacob. Check back soon for more updates!